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Boiler Bowling 6th at Taylorville

The Kewanee Boilergirls placed 6th at the 2019 Taylorville Bowling Invitational on Saturday.

The top spot in the Invitational went to Pana with a team score of 4672.

The Boilergirls tallied 3626 pins for the event.

Gabbie Cummings had a great day for the Boilergirls finishing first in the High 3 Game Series category with 554 pins. Gabbie finished second in the High 6 Game Series category with a total of 1028.

Tessa Rodgers added a series total of 736, Madison Shaw added a 668, Harmonie Petty had a 527 series while Kaitlyn Witte added a 486 for Coach Marlon Rachel’s club.