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Wethersfield-2018-2019 Boys Basketball Awards

The Wethersfield Flying Geese held their season ending banquet on March 12th and Head Coach Jeff Parsons had the honor of passing out the season ending awards.



Most Assists-Coltin Quagliano-165 (5.3apg)

Best Free Throw Percentage-Coltin Quagliano-(105-142-74%)

Best Field Goal Percentage-Brady Kelley (109-220-50%)

Most Points-Coltin Quagliano (687-22.2ppg)

Most Rebounds-Brady Kelley (200-6.5rpg)    

Most Steals-Coltin Quagliano-(101-3.5spg)

Most Charges-Bryan Ponce-22    

Most Improved-Tevin Baker and Kale Nelson

Best Defensive-Bryan Ponce and Tyler Nichols

Coaches Award-Isaac Frank


Captains Plaques-Tyler Nichols, Isaac Frank, Bryan Ponce and Coltin Quagliano


4-Year Award Plaques- Tyler Nichols, Isaac Frank, Bryan Ponce and Cory DeClercq


First Team All-LTC-Coltin Quagliano and Isaac Frank


Second Team All-Conference-Tyler Nichols and Brady Kelley


1st Team AP All-State-Coltin Quagliano


1st Team IBCA All-State-Coltin Quagliano





Most Rebounds-Tuker Miller

Most Improved-Cole Troxell     

Best Defensive-Kale Nelson

Best Free Throw Percentage-Kale Nelson